Cliplight Hemimini Workshop Torch

Cliplight Hemimini Workshop Torch

Part number: 114301


HEMImini™, Cliplight’s newest and brightest Hemi Series light. This super bright and compact light runs for 4 hours at 1000 lumens or for a full 8 hours at 500 lumens. Powered by a single advanced LED and a smart lithium ion battery in a sleek aluminium chassis, the HEMImini™ is our best work light yet.


•820 lumens
•1000 lumens at 4 hours runtime
•500 lumens at 8 hours runtime
•Wide & perfect circular beam with no shadows or hotspots
•4400 mAh smart lithium ion battery, rechargeable in 3.5 hours – charge anytime
•Aircraft-grade aluminium chassis
•180° swivel hook
•Mini-USB charger (100-240V)
•Optional 12V DC charger & magnet
•All parts user replaceable in minutes