Airsept Line Splice 1/2-1/2 (#8-#8)

Airsept Line Splice 1/2-1/2 (#8-#8)

Part number: AF3002


Repair damaged aluminum or steel lines within miniutes!

Effective, permanent, durable leak repair with no line removal! Save time and money.


Repair pinhole and rub-through leaks and other damage to aluminum or steel lines in 5 minutes with AirSept’s Line Splice. The Line Splice is a permanent repair yet can be done quickly, without line removal and without special tools or adhesive chemicals. Install the Line Splice with a wrench in 5 minutes or less. The Line Splice is superior to traditional compression fittings thanks to two proprietary innovations that contribute to long service life. First is a new HNBR Seal Sleeve that dramatically expands the sealing surface area. Second is Self-Adjusting Anti-Vibration Tension Ring technology that ensures long-term durability in automotive or industrial use. The Line Splice compensates for out-of-round or other tubing imperfections. Use to repair damaged air conditioning, power steering, heater, transmission, and other lines. The Line Splice handles up to 2300 PSI, far more than the typical automotive or industrial load.

-The Line Splice costs less and is faster than line replacement.
-Permanent repair, thanks to more sealing area (expanded seal sleeve) than an o-ring, and better vibration resistance than old-style compression fittings
-Installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3 - cut out the damaged section, place the Line Splice on the line, and tighten with a wrench.

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