CPS Twin Cycle Recovery Unit

CPS Twin Cycle Recovery Unit

Part number: TR21E


Fastest, smallest, lightest, best looking and most reliable heavy duty recovery machine in the world.
Revolutionary "vacuum pump" style design designed and manufactured in the USA


TR21E Specifications:

Compressor Type:2 Cylinder Oil-less Reciprocating Compressor
Dimensions:15cm Wide x 30cm Long x 23cm High
Weight: 11.5kg
Operating Temperature Range:0˚C to 49˚C
Power Source: 220-240V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 850 W
Filtration: Cleanable 100 - mesh screen integrated into Suction Port
Overload Protection: Motor Thermally Protected
Permanently lubricated and sealed main bearings
High Pressure Shut-Off: 525 psig high pressure shut-off. Manual reset.

Refrigerants: R-12, R-134a, R-401C, R-406A, R-500, R-401A, R-409A, R-401B, R-412A, R-411A, R-407D, R-22, R-411B, R-502, R-407C, R-402B, R408A, R-509, R-407A, R-404A, R-402A, R-507, R-407B, R-410A

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