BrainBee Clima-9000 Ultra-matic

BrainBee Clima-9000 Ultra-matic

Part number: CLIMA9000


Accurate design and high technology for this recovery and recharge station for clima systems with a software for the management and control of functions.
CLIMA-9000 has been designed to guarantee complete operative autonomy. Every intervention concerning maintenance, cleaning and recovery of the cooling system are performed by the device through the powerful control software without any assistance of the operator, who can actually optimize time with an increase in efficiency, and with a considerable decrease in costs.

CLIMA-9000 is equipped with the most complete database in the market, AUTODATA. With an unlimited expiry date, the Databank enables the device the automatic use of specific recharge parameters of the vehicle under maintenance. This way, all programmed interventions are optimized, thus ensuring top-level performance. Moreover, the graphic display enables the visualization of the cooling system’s schematic diagram of the vehicle under maintenance. The Database can be updated anytime, simply by the optional enabling of UPGRADING.



•MULTIPASS enables a further closed-circuit filtering of the recovered cooling liquid


•FLUSHING with integrated solenoid valve

•OIL CARE FUNCTION a protection system that prevents humidity from entering the oil container, in order to preserve the PAG oil’s purity until it is completely used


•NON-CONDENSING VENT VALVE electronic, it enables the eventual discharge of air by accelerating the recovery phase, thus guaranteeing higher purity of the refrigerant present in the vessel


•Display: 4,3”, 480x272 graphics (widescreen), 65536 Colours
•Keyboard: Touch screen
•Printer: 24-column thermal printer
•Software update: via RS232

•Vessel capacity: 26L
•Capacity conforming to PED restrictions: 19.6L
•Maximum operating pressure certified under PED cat. IV: 20
•Vessel heater

•Exhaust oil container capacity: 250 ml
•New PAG oil container capacity: 250 ml
•UV tracer container capacity: 250 ml
•OIL CARE valve (new PAG oil container)
•Oils/UV scale 1g resolution, 5 g precision with overcharge mechanical protection

•Vacuum pump capacity: 10 m3/h
•Vacuum level (mbar): 0.05 mbar
•Refrigerant gas recovery compressor displacement: 14cc
•Pressure safety switch
•Dehydrating filter capacity, expressed as kilograms of recovered refrigerant: 45 kg.
•Automatic non-condensing gas purge
•Electronic and automatic HP and LP taps
•HP and LP hoses length (m): 4.5 m
•Bulkhead couplings for HP and LP hoses
•Digital vessel pressure gauge
•Electronic and digital HP and LP pressure gauges
•Total number of solenoid valves: 11

•Dimensions: 641 x 763 x 1200 mm

•Weight: 100 kg

•Power supply: 50HZ - 220-240V - 800W

Brochure: download