Ariazone 5001FAHD Fully Automatic Charge Station

Ariazone 5001FAHD Fully Automatic Charge Station

Part number: TO5024


Combining simple operation with excellent accuracy the 5001FAHD can perform a full A/C service with the touch of a button. Fast recovery with deep 2 stage vacuum pump produces great A/C system performance and quality work. Other special features include large 25 kg storage cylinder, electronic oil injection and each function printed on completion.


•Recovery- The refrigerant is reconditioned during the recovery process making it possible to re-use it immediately. The unit accurately measures the amount of recovered refrigerant.

•Evacuation- The powerful two-stage vacuum pump ensures a deep vacuum and the removal of any residual moisture from the system.

•Charging- Key in the correct charge on the keypad and the microprocessor does the rest. It is also possible to control the charge amount by hand.

•Oil Separation- After each recovery process, the oil is collected in an extremely efficient heat-exchanger/oil separator, discharged into a oil container and measured by heavy duty load cells.

•Oil & UV Dye Injection- After evacuation, refrigerant oil and UV dye are injected in the a/c system through the service hoses. Oil injection quantity is carefully measured by heavy duty load cell.

•Chassis: Solid steel construction powder coated
•Cylinder storage: 27kg
•Gauges: Low pressure: -30 to 250psi
•High pressure: 0 to 500psi
•Operating Temperature Range: 0-50⁰C
•Recycling filter-drier: Solid core in line 1/4” Flare connection 0.122L capacity
•Recovery rate: 380 gram/min (liquid state)
•Vacuum pump: 2 stage,100 L/min (larger available on request)
•Service Hoses: 1.8 metre (72“)
Width: 58 cm
Depth: 60cm
Height: 109 cm
•Shipping Weight: 70kg

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